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cookbook-thumb-livefireMichael Chiarello’s Life Fire Cookbook, $35.00

NOT a grilling book. NOT another BBQ book. Chef Chiarello pens the first domestic book on how to make, tend and cook over a live fire. Learn six core techniques on how to coax maximum flavor out of your wood fire. 125 new recipes, endless possibilities to add flavor and a new dimension to your party. Get the Book

cookbook-thumb-bottegaMichael Chiarello’s Bottega, Signed, $40.00

Chef Michael Chiarello’s Bottega Restaurant in Napa Valley has been named Best Newcomer by Zagat, Top 10 by Forbes, Top 20 by Esquire, and Top 100 Bay Area by Michael Bauer.  In his new Bottega Cookbook, Michael stirs up 100 amazing recipes for Southern Italian specialties for the home cook and entertainer to enjoy, cooking as well as eating. Get the Book

cookbook-thumb-athomewithmichaelchiarelloAt Home with Michael Chiarello, Signed, $40.00

Bringing together the tricks and tips I know to make a party both you and your guests will enjoy, my sixth book provides the knowledge you need to develop a style of entertaining that works for you. The book includes my six basic rules for entertaining, information on scaling recipes, wine do’s and don’ts, old-fashioned cooking and cleaning tips, kitchen organization and equipment advice. Get the Book

cookbook-thumb-travigneTra Vigne Cookbook, Signed, $35.00

As founding chef of Tra Vigne in 1987, Michael Chiarello blended his family’s Italian culinary traditions with the Napa Valley’s harvest to develop dishes that celebrate the best of every season. These recipes are restaurant favorites, written for the home cook. Get the Book

cookbook-thumb-bottega3setThe Bottega Set, 3 Cookbooks, $109.00

Chef Michael Chiarello’s newest collection has arrived! This set features Casual Cooking, Bottega and Live Fire Cookbooks. Get the Set