4:13pm | April 3, 2013

Insiders View #1 – The Thrill of Bottling 2012 Chiara Bianco & Rose


Imagine telling a strawberry farmer that it would be 3 years from the time they their strawberry plants bloomed in Spring to the time they could sell them??!! Well, such is the life of a ‘wine-grower’ as those of us who grow grapes to make wine are called. For a typical vine, budbreak on is in April or May and harvest is in the late Fall, but by the time it ferments, ages in the barrel, then settles out in the bottle, it can be over 3 years before it is enjoyed! So imagine how excited we get when our white wines hit the shelves in just under 12 months.


Our 2012 Chiara Bianco and Chiara Rose, both named for my mom, were bottled at Outpost Winery in March, and we are releasing them to you at the end of April. I thought you’d enjoy seeing a bit of the journey during bottling time.








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