10:32am | May 30, 2014

Eileen Gordon Chiarello – On a Mission to Raise Barns, Among Other Things


MC_familyWhen dreams turn into reality, and reality is the catalyst for change, we must a raise a glass. A toast to my wife Eileen who had the vision to start a movement of change: http://www.barnraiser.us

Barnraiser : a social and funding community for the sustainable food / farming movement.  For those of us who want sustainable food to be the standard, Barnraiser is a place to meet the innovators who are making this happen, share their stories with others, and fund their projects toward success.  When we all get involved in small, frequent ways it adds up to big things.   From healthy food businesses to community-based gardens and kitchens, school lunch programs and young farmers, organic land and heirloom crops, there are thousands of people working hard to move us to the tipping point.  By supporting the innovators, we create a sustainable food future for our families.

Please click here for Edible magazine’s recent issue about Good Food Activists.








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