6:05pm | April 3, 2013

Creating Coqueta Part 1: Why Spanish? – The Journey to the Concept

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During my career I’ve created several different restaurant concepts, from organic pizzerias early on (Tomatina) to taverns (Ajax in Aspen), but the heart of my cuisine has always been Italian as a reflection of my family and all that they taught me to cook. In the past few years, I found myself craving a new challenge, and on several trips to Spain to visit my daughter, Margaux, I found my answer in the vibrancy of Spanish cuisine. Doing Spanish food answered my need to immerse myself in something new, but because Spanish and Italian are ‘kissing cousins’ it is a style whose heart I understand. She now lives in Barcelona, so our research trips include she and her husband, Andres, a 7th generation Catalan. In Barcelona, even the street pavers are drop-dead gorgeous! My team, including Chef Ryan Mcilwraith, have spent numerous trips eating and drinking and observing, from chocolate shops to tapas to fine dining. On one trip, we did 16 meals in 6 days! Tough work, but somebody’s got to do it! My next blog will uncover the research in all its glory.










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  • Posted by Laura - August 27, 2013

    Hello my name is Laura, I’m 19 and I’m from barcelona.  I’m young but my dream is open a Spanish food restaurant in usa. Spanish cuisine consists of a variety of dishes. Some of the most typical are: the fried fis, salmorejo, gazpacho, seafood , prawns, squid , mackerel and flatfish. Olives and olive oil (special in Andalusia), sherry wine, cured hamin, migas, very typical in small villages, paellas, “pa amb tomaquet” and more others.
    I like so Much your blog. 
    Come back soon to Barcelona