5:05pm | April 3, 2013

Art of Tapeos


Date: Various

Location / Restaurant: San Sebastian, Barcelona and Madrid

Dish: Various

Influence / Memory: These photos are all moments when we were experiencing the art of Tapeos. Tapeos is the action of going from one bar to the next to mingle, drink and eat a few dishes usually before dinner or in place of dinner. Tapas have caught on in America as small plates to be eaten sitting down with a fork and knife. Roaming the Old quarter of San Sebastian from one bite and sip to the next was an eye opening experience to what we are missing about the experience. Standing at a packed bar in San Sebastian grabbing a pintxos, skewered tapas, throwing the skewer on the ground in the trough and drinking a cold glass of Txocoli was another epiphany of this trip. Not all of the experiences of eating tapas in Spain can, or should, be exported to America but there is much we still have to learn about this fine art.


Ryan Mcilwraith and Michael Chiarello sampling dishes at La Cuchara de San Telmo, Casco Viejo (old quarter), San Sebastián, October 8, 2011. Photo by Gerry Dawes ©2011 / gerrydawes@aol.com.


La Cuchara de San Telmo, Casco Viejo (old quarter), San Sebastián, October 8, 2011.


Setas (mushrooms), grillled and served with foie gras and an egg yolk as a sauce, Ganbarra, Casco Viejo (old quarter), San Sebastián, October 8, 2011.


Kokotxas de merluza rebozada, battered and pan-fried hake “cheeks,” Ganbarra, Casco Viejo (old quarter), San Sebastián, October 8, 2011. They were translated on several menus as cheeks but it is actually a muscle underneath the jaw of a hake.


Olives with mussels and pimientos, El Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid


Quimet y Quimet tapas bar, Barcelona.


Chefs Michael Chiarello and Ryan Mcilwraith of Bottega Napa Valley at Quimet y Quimet in Barcelona.


Montaditos, tapas served on bread, along the basque coast.








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