9:40am | February 7, 2014

An interview with Bob Roll, former Pro Cyclist, current sports commentator and Ride Leader at the Bottega Gran Fondo


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Bob Roll is an American former professional cyclist, author, and television sports commentator. He was a member of the 7-Eleven Cycling Team until 1990 and competed for the Motorola Cycling Team in 1991. In 1992 Roll moved to Greg LeMond Z team and added mountain biking to his racing accomplishments. Roll continued racing mountain bikes professionally through 1998. Roll is known in the cycling world, and to his global cable television fans, fondly, as “Bobke”. He will be a VIP team leader at the upcoming Bottega Gran Fondo.

What kind of road bike do you ride? Mountain bike? “I ride a specialized Venge road bike. Don’t have a mountain bike at the moment but I’m shopping around for one.

How often do you get out to ride? “I try to ride 3 times per week weather permitting.”

What’s your favorite route? “My favorite route is one lap around Lake Como.”

I’m sure you have many to choose from given your long career, but what is your craziest bike riding story? “Too many to count and more to come I hope.”

What’s your favorite ride food to stay energized and fueled on long rides? “Pasta is the only ride fuel a body needs.”

How did you get into racing? “I got into racing because it paid better than sheet rocking.”

Do you have any tips to share with other cyclists? “Awareness of potential hazards (including auto traffic) is essential to the enjoyment of cycling.”

Do you do any other forms of exercise to stay fit? “I recently took up alpine skiing to stay fit in the winter.”

How did you meet Michael Chiarello? Have you ever cycled together? “I met Michael at Coqueta in San Francisco, which was a thrill. We haven’t ridden together yet but at the Gran Fondo this travesty will be rectified.”

What’s your favorite wine and food indulgence? “Dinner at Bottega with a bottle of good Barolo qualifies as a world class indulgence.”

You’re a public figure, what would your fans be surprised to learn about you? “Not sure my fans would be surprised to hear just about anything about me.”

Anything else you want to share relative to cycling and wine? “Cycling and wine go together like air and tires.”

What part of the Bottega Gran Fondo are you most looking forward to? “Thirteen great meals and fun miles with awesome people!!”




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